Saturday, December 12, 2009

Constant cravings...

It seems like most of the things I end up cooking stem from one craving or another. And loving food as I do, I am almost constantly craving something. The other day I realized I still had a container of herbs left over from Thanksgiving in my refrigerator. Why I had store bought herbs when I had all of those herbs in plant form in my house is another story, but I digress. And why those herbs were still as fresh seeming as the day I bought them is not something I wish to ponder right now.

In the container there were a few sprigs of rosemary. I love rosemary, it's one of my favorite herbs. Rosemary is an herb that doesn't mess around. It's bold, if you use it, there's no disguising it. It's there in the forefront making it's presence known. Which is probably why it pairs so wonderfully with things that are on the bland side. Potatoes, chicken, foccacia, white beans...they all benefit from rosemary's herbal woodiness. As I stood there holding the rosemary, the smell tickling my nose, I thought there must be something else. Something that really let's the rosemary shine.

Just then I remembered that I had occasionally seen recipes for cookies that contained rosemary and brushed them off as being odd. Even too precious. Too food snobby. I went back to doing other things and put the whole thing out of my mind. I played some Scrabble, puttered around the house and all the while kept thinking of cookies with rosemary in them. Soon I was searching the internet for recipes. I found a butter cookie recipe on Martha Stewart that I liked the sound of. And then, as I always do I wondered how it could be improved and my thoughts turned to lemon. Lemon and rosemary are wonderful together. And thus a cookie was born.

I think they would make a fabulous addition to your Christmas (or whatever you celebrate, Festivus?) cookie platter. The cookies are delicious- buttery, lightly sweet with crunchy sugared edges. They taste of lemon with a lingering, pleasant herbal finish. Not overwhelming but you know it's there. To make the cookies I used this recipe and made a few changes. I used half soft white wheat flour and half white flour. I added all the zest from one large lemon. I omitted the vanilla and replaced it with an equal amount of lemon oil. And I very generously brushed the outside of the dough log with the egg white and pressed a lot of turbinado sugar into it because I love the contrast of textures.


  1. i love rosemary too, but i've NEVER had it in a dessert! you're right that it's a powerful herb, but its flavor is such that it should complement the savory and the sweet alike--great idea and great-looking results!!

  2. Original cookies! They look delicious :)

  3. @Grace, I was never crazy about herbs in desserts until I made these cookies. I think my tastes may be changing. I have a beautiful lemon thyme plant that I am now making sweet plans for.

    @Karine- thank you.

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