Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do you have a green thumb?

I don't. But for the last few years I've had a garden. The first two years I had one, I didn't do any planting myself. A kind neighbor who is a master gardener/farmer took pity on me and planted an abundance of vegetables and herbs in two raised beds that I had built in my back yard. They flourished, despite the fact that I pretty much had no clue how to care for them and weeded and watered them rather sporadically. Last year I moved, so sadly, no more raised beds. We tried a container garden and had mixed results. Most of our containers weren't deep enough but we did well with green beans, grape tomatoes and green peppers, we even managed to get a few baby eggplants. But one thing that absolutely flourishes in containers is herbs. And herbs are fantastic because when summertime is over you can bring them in the house and have fresh herbs all winter long.

This beauty is lemon thyme. We've survived together for three years now.

This is rosemary...note the snow falling in the background. So beautiful. I love this rosemary plant so much. I knew someone who had one in her kitchen that was like a little tree. That's what I am aiming for. I may need to stake this one as it's a little tippy.

More thyme and more snow. I love thyme, it's a versatile herb. Nice with pork, chicken, in beef stew, in stuffing, in minestrone and bean soups...

Flat leaf parsley that I picked up on a trip to Maine at the Portland Farmer's Market. I love Portland, Maine- a foodie paradise. And home to Rabelais, a book store entirely devoted to food books! Can you imagine? I could have stayed there all day...

Curly parsley. I don't care for it that much. It's a texture thing.

But Rosabelle loves it!

So do you have a green thumb? Are you thinking about gardening? I know I am.


  1. sigh... I had plans for a garden, but our move has set that back a year

  2. Another black thumb here. But for some reason I've got positive vibes going this year, so I'm going to give indoor gardening a go. Baby steps, right?

    I'm the opposite with parsely. I love the curly stuff and hate flat-leaf, also for textural reasons. The flat stuff just tastes tougher and woodier to me.

  3. See I think the curly is tougher :) and I like to think of that "woodiness" as verdant freshness.